Best Free Android Movie Apps for Watching HD Movies

Who doesn’t love free apps? There are apps for everything nowadays- banking, gaming, and even for watching movies and TV shows on your smartphone! However, there are quite a few of these apps that are reserved for iPhone users. Then, the majority of free Android apps for watching movies and TV shows are obscure or hard to find. That’s why we have compiled the best free android apps for watching HD movies and TV shows into this list. Here are the best (free!) Android apps to stream your favorite movies and TV shows:

Free Android Apps for TV Shows
We’ve all been there- we couldn’t watch the last few minutes of our favorite show and now have to rush out the door to work. Then, all you can think about for the rest of the day is how the episode will end! However, thanks to free Android streaming apps, you no longer have to worry about that.

Many streaming apps offer both movies and TV shows- and the ones listed below are no exception.

While mobdro is a free Android streaming app, it might just be one of the most unique. Unlike other streaming apps where you have to have to select your movies and TV shows from a preset list, mobdro searches the internet for you to bring you the best video streams available.

This means that videos are available on a multitude of topics and in any language. Plus, not only can you download your favorite movies and TV shows to watch later, but you can also organize them in the app by topic or language and even find previous content you watched on your history tab.

Mobdro also solves one of the most frustrating problems that we all have- when you have a favorite show or movie that you want to recommend to a friend, but then they have to find it themselves.

With mobdro, you can instantly share what you’re watching with friends so they can gain access immediately!

The Showbox app, which has recently been updated, is a fantastic app for watching HD versions of TV shows and some movies, too. The app has an intuitive menu, is compatible with subtitles, and rarely has ads.

MovieBox Pro
MovieBox Pro is arguably one of the most advanced Android content streaming apps. Not only is it free to use, but it boasts over 1,000 movies and TV shows and even offers multilingual subtitles.

Cinema HD
Cinema HD is an Android APK filo that you can download onto your Android phone to stream your favorite content. It is one of the safest streaming apps, as it doesn’t show any illegally pirated copies of movies or TV shows.

Cartoon HD
Are you a fan of cartoons? If so, you might be disappointed by other streaming apps, which tend to have a limited collection of popular cartoons. Cartoon HD, also an APK filo, is one of the best streaming apps and one of the only apps with an extensive list of cartoons.

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